Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Violent Night: Win The War On Christmas

Click on the image to play the game...

I am the voice of the Grandpa.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Invited Up To Rififi

A video I shot at Invite Them Up when Rififi was in a fight to save their liquor license. Thankfully it was renewed and I quickly re-cut the video.

Featuring Eugene Mirman, Bobby Tisdale, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Daly, and Reggie Watts.

Speaking of Reggie Watts... I had to put this video up. He's mad. The good mad.

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Jonah Ray Visits Williams Street

I walk Jonah through the Super Deluxe/Adult Swim headquarters. He decides to play a few pranks on people.

Here is a bonus clip that didn't make the video.

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Backstage With Variety Shac

Backstage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Manhattan with the lovely Variety Shac girls.

Ben Schwartz and Shiny Stuff

My trip to New York was incredible. I met up with writer-actor-comedian Ben Schwartz. We had an hour to kill so we made some videos really fast. They actually came out pretty good.

It's 4 a.m. in Manhattan and Ben Schwartz is looking to brighten someones day with a joke. I play the male prostitute!

This is the definitive, in-depth Super Deluxe interview with comedian-actor-writer Ben Schwartz. Featuring Ben Arnold

And here's a video from Ben's website that features Rob Riggle (SNL, The Daily Show)

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Super Deluxe Interviews Olde English

During a recent trip to New York, one highlight was meeting up with some of the guys in Olde English. Set in Beautiful Madison Square Park.

We also threw this together...

Olde English confesses their love for Super Deluxe.

Quack! Media Visits Williams Street

Matt and Al from Quack!Media were in town recently and stopped by the Super Deluxe headquarters. We had one of those "so where'ya from" conversations that lead to the fact that somebody that works for them used to live in Northampton Massachusetts. A place I lived for roughly a year. He used to date my ex-girlfriend a long time ago.

Anyway... We filmed a reenactment...

Winner of "2007 Best Actory Performance For Digital Short Award."

We also filmed these...
Robots vs. Dragons Promo
Robots vs. Dragons vs. Super Deluxe

Live-Action Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

I had the pleasure to meet Dave Willis(Carl & Meatwad) and Dana Snyder(Master Shake.)

These are videos that I made to help promote Cat's In Pajamas.

Master Shake

Here are 3 spots cut from the Shake video that aired on Adult Swim.
Nerds On Computers
What Is It?
Watch The Friggen Thing



Super Deluxe Invades Dragon*Con 2007

This was my experience at DragonCon 2007...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Behind The Scenes With Killer Mike

Footage that I put together on the set of Killer Mike's Grind Time Sports Show Bang! Bang! Bang!

A Surprise for El Douche A

A friendly prank on the copywriter at Super Deluxe. Ah... Good times at Williams Street.

"Bluetoothing" the JumboTron

I "bluetoothed" 48,000 people at the Braves/Red Sox game at Turner Field. Such a ridiculous prank.

Check out Erlene's dance moves too.

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Vagina Power conquers Super Deluxe

Ms. Alexyss Tylor a.k.a. Vagina Power stops by the Super Deluxe offices and subjugates the resident writer/monkey boy into saluting her ... um... pussy.

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